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African Presence in Early Europe (Journal of African Civilizations, Nov. 1985, Vol. 7, No. 2,) by Ivan Van Sertima,


Shakira Is Helping to Building Education Centers

Shakira es una cantante famosa en el mundo. Nació y se crió en Colombia. Ella es también un compositor, bailarín y productor


How the Columbian Exchange Affected DNA of Indigenous People -


Colombian Gold Sparkles in British Museum Show: Review

Beyond El Dorado: power and gold in ancient Colombia (British Museum, December 2013)

'It was better for them to die unexpectedly': NASA expert reveals Columbia shuttle crew were not told of problem with re-entry as families mark 10-year anniversary

It is ten years since the seven members of the Columbia crew perished after the shuttle was irreparably damaged on blast-off

Catios a safe way to enjoy outdoors


Timeless - Episode 1.11 - The World's Columbian Exposition - Promo Promotional Photos Interviews & Press Release

Anthropomorphic pectoral, Colombia, Tairona, AD 900–1600. © Museo del Oro – Banco de la República, Colombia. Trustees of the British Museum