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Colorpoint Shorthair -- absolutely gorgeous!!


British Shorthair Colourpoint Kitten


Alfiecatz British Shorthairs - Colourpoint and White


What a gorgeous kitty! "Oriental Shorthair - hypoallergenic"


Pretty blue eyes....Bella Luna is my colourpoint British Shorthair.


Colorpoint Shorthair Origin: Britain and North America Colors: Colorpoint Size: Small to medium Coat Type(s): Shorthair Grooming: Little Talkativeness: Very vocal Activity Level: Very high Attention Requirement: High Overall: Can be a handful -


The Colorpoint Shorthair is a Siamese of a different color—non-traditional colors, that is. The breed was developed using Siamese as the foundation and then crossing it with a red American Shorthair to bring in a new color. That was successful and attractive, and the cats became the basis for a new breed: the Colorpoint Shorthair. Eventually, other non-traditional colors were created. The breed was recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1964.

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The Colorpoint Shorthair is a medium sized breed created quite recently and is similar to the behavior and appearance of the Siamese cats. Creating the Colorpoint Shorthair race began for the first time in 1940 when American and British breeders of Siamese cats have tried to produce similar Siamese cats, but with a distinctive color. They have crossed Siamese with Absinian cats, as well as other domestic reddish cats. Cats obtained from these crosses were in turn mated with Siamese cats…