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Interesting to see colour palettes for all the Seasons next to each other. Good to compare overall feel of the Seasons.

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Beauty Photography by Jaques Bagios, these are some other beauty images that i feel are really effective, the caps on the models are acting as gels creating a cast of colour across the models face, i also really like the contrast of lip colour to the colour of the cap such as red and green together i would like to try a similar but use gels instead of the caps.

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Shoe Hacks that will make your feet smile

How to do it: 1. Grab your pillow case. 2. Mix some water with acrylic paint. The thinner the paint the lighter the color. Test it on some scrap fabric first 3. Make sure to put a cardboard between the layers of your pillowcase before painting so then the paint doesn't go through both layers. 4. Paint your pillowcase with paintbrushes how you'd like it to look

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Personality - One of the best Personality test I've ever taken- Insights Discovery Model (used in work places)

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Composition VIII was painted in 1923 by German Expressionist painter, Vassily Kandinsky. He was a founding member of Der Blaue Reiter. These artists shared the philosophy to express spiritual truths through art, often in abstracted forms. Composition VIII reflects the influence of Suprematism and Constructivism absorbed by Kandinsky while in Russia prior to his return to Germany

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Interior Design Tricks and Rules. How to make your ceilings look taller. Distance from table to light fixture. How to decorate any room. Picture Hanging Height Tips. How to place furniture on rug. How to test your walls before painting. Paint Color Test. #InteriorDesign #Tips Via Fancy Fixtures. #homedecor

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blush & gold | by Carrie ONeal Darker grey & warmer blush & more vibrant blush for my living room

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