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A Manic Panic Experiment: Purple Hair Streak

kinda want some crazy bright streak/ tips... so bored with my hair!

THIS HAIR! - Blond hair with streaks, for me shades of brunette like this? I cannot commit to one shade of all over. Too boring.

Soooo doing this this weekend: For brunettes: Take a pastel and put the streak of color into your hair, then hairspray it. Temporary color streak!

How to Hair Chalk Today!

Use oil pastels on sections of hair, then coat with hairspray. - Temporary color for brunettes. i want this color in my hair permanently. not with oil pastels

I am thinking about this color palatte for the new living room. Thinking of an accent wall in one of the blue colors. Thoughts?

Color Wander

Good colors for living room. Nature-made color - "color streak". I would "streak" with a different hue, probably, and have done so in my home with a softer terra cotta than the orange-rust here in the living room and kitchen.

colored streak nails are a must try ...#nails #manicure #spring

50 Easy Nail Designs

white-neon-pink-green-purple-blue-yellow-orange-bright-colors-polish-cute-easy-nails-designs-fun-summer-streaks-stripes-thin-brush-strokes-manicure-ideas-do-it-yourself-at-home-diy-and-n-.jpg pixels I love this.

Fun activity for teens and tweens, slumber parties - temp colorful streaks w/chalk

Fun activity for slumber parties - temp colorful streaks w/chalk (I would use kid& sidewalk chalk).I wonder if the parents would care if I did this at my olds slumber party.

Long curls/waves..color streak? Highlights?

Dark Hair With Dark Red Highlights- Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert on TVD