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“The dead leaves lie huddled and still, no longer blown hither and thither; the flowers of the witch hazel wither; the heart is still aching to seek, but the question ‘Whither?

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A picture of a flower that has rain drops. I can change the color of each rain drop

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great pics: Yellow Ginko Tree Leaves in Washington DC Again! The first Ginko tree I remember seeing was in DC! Love these trees!

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This photo shows emphasis because the background is gray and the only colored thing is the strawberry in the middle and it puts extra emphasis on it and makes it stand out.

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Red - the color of passion, anger, & primal color. It represents primal urges, like lust & fury (seeing red, right? Red is a commanding color. A stop sign is red to halt you in your tracks.

Royaume du Black&White – Kingdom of B&W with splash – Communauté – Google+

Royaume du Black&White – Kingdom of B&W with splash – Communauté –…

Pink & Grey Essence ✦ Pink stargazer Lilly color splash

I have a really appreciation for Lilies. all the different kinds of Lilies. callayilies, tiger lilies, easter lilies, any colors.

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Welcome to the Berry Series of Infused Water Recipes! ​Strawberry and Mint 16 strawberries (medium size) sliced thin 8 sprigs of mint 1 quart water and Ice Serve after 30 minutes. ​ Strawberry and .