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Ten-second optical illusion will have you seeing things that aren't there

This is fun - there is a tiny little countdown above the dot so you know your computer isn't just thinking - there will be a couple changes but at the end it will be interesting - Regina's hubby Wilson could explain it all, I'm sure

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This is interesting as it shows Vaserely's thought process as it has the straight lines on the right hand side, becoming more and more bent as we go leftwards.

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Alternative Hitchcock posters

One of the greatest motion pictures ever made. And sensational graphic design too. Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo

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Two Faces or a Vase? Old or Young Lady? 10 Simple but Wonderful Optical Illusions

One of my favorite things that was shown to me during my elementary age years was an optical illusion. It was the very famous Rubin Vase (pictured below) which you can see in either two ways - as a vase or as two faces that are facing each other....

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Magazine - The Work of Bridget Riley

Riley's work shows an almost illusion feel to her art through the place and size of each shape and form within the piece, which helps to create relief and texture.

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Can You Keep These Optical Illusions From Breaking Your Mind?

This piece of op art is really interesting the way in which each piece increases in size in a way that presents us with an optical illusion that is moving towards us and off the page highlights a clever composistion of shape and colour.

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photography drawing Illustration art Black and White white face painting vintage sixties black mirror portrait Equality woman eyelashes contrast seventies body paint anti racism white face face painting black face Against Racism

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