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Ken Bromley Art Supplies - Color Mixing Guides. Good image for trying to work up how to minimise cocking up colour mixing.

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30 Cheatsheets & Infographics For Graphic Designers

Color Theory Chart - beautifully simply way to learn this! (I used to use opposites via the color wheel to correct scans of stained photos - I learned about this theory from a lady with a raspberry stain over half her face - she used green tint before applying base)

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Birgit O’Connor’s Color Mixing Chart

Create your own color-mixing charts to save time finding the right color mix when you're painting and to keep a record of the color mixes you want in your painting arsenal.

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New Dina Wakley Media Paint Color Mixing Chart | Ranger Ink and Innovative Craft Products

Secondary Colors: A color resulting from mixing 2 primary colors. EX - Purple, Green, and Orange

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Watercolor Color Mixing Chart: Viridian Green and Alizarin Crimson

Watercolor Color Mixing Chart: Viridian Green and Alizarin Crimson Color Mixing Charts Photo Gallery This color chart was painted using the Printable Art Color Mixing Worksheet More

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It shows many (but not all) of the colors that can be made from a simple palette of 10 pigments. The greens and the violet are actually mixt...

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