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Colorblindness test for kids. I thought Sam was color blind He kept confusing colors. Turns out he just doesn't care :) He's fine. But i thought this was neat.

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Color blindness is not actual blindness, but there is a deficiency of color vision. The most usual cause is a fault in development of one or more sets of retinal cones that perceive color and transmit that information to optic nerve. It's usually sex-linked condition. Genes that produce #photopigments are carried by X chromosome; if some of these genes are missing or damaged, color blindness will be expressed in males more often than in females because males only have one X chromosome.

Limits and Differences of Perception

Here are some subtle tone equal tests to test for color blindness. Once Eli knows his numbers we will have to do this since this color blindness runs in our family.

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How Color Blind Are You? This Test Reveals The Truth!

How Color Blind Are You? This Test Reveals The Truth!

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