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Huevos Pericos (Scrambled Eggs with Tomato and Scallions)

Colombian eggs recipe

Colombian eggs: This recipe is taken from Dan Doherty's book 'Duck & Waffle; recipes and stories'. It makes for the prefect light breakfast, plus it's ready in just 15 minutes. Try pepping it up with chorizo or smoked salmon, if you like.


Changua (Colombian Egg and Milk Soup)

Changua (Colombian Egg and Milk Soup) This is a typical breakfast in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia.


Traditional Colombian Breakfast (Calentado)

Traditional Colombian Breakfast (Calentado) this is also a traditional Ecuadorian breakfast, my mom made this for us every weekend, super yummy :)


Pandebonos - Colombian cheese bread, I am soooo happy I found this recipe. You have to eat these until you feel downright guilty! Yum!


Pandebono (Colombian Cheese Bread)

Pandebono is a Colombian gluten-free cheese bread that's easy to make and delicious. Serve it warm for breakfast or as rolls during dinner. Made in 30 min!