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Patrick Wayne Swayze (18 August 1952 – 14 September 2009) - American actor / dancer and singer-songwriter


Going on An Apartment Tour? Take This Checklist

This apartment tour checklist from will make sure everything is in working order before you sign the lease. See it now on The Shared Wall blog!


Allan Greenberg and Elissa Cullman Craft a Federal-Style Home in Houston

Gallery : Allan Greenberg and Elissa Cullman Craft a Federal-Style Home in Houston : Architectural Digest


phrenology map: 'symbolic head illustrating the language of the faculties' - circa mid-late19th century [link to a selective overview of 'on the map' by simon garfield: the history of cartography from the new world to google; part of a 'don't panic' article by jade french, 2012]


Stock up on water, hydrate, recycle. A creative way to display water on a shelf yet still beautify your dorm room/apartment. Drink smart, go green and cash in on your plastic. Good sense equals good cent$. #17college


This pin reminds me of how mental health issues develop. We start with a clean slate and then every negative experience (and trauma) piles up, one on top of the other over the years, and then there is hardly anything left of the real us, and our personalities get just as jumbled up (what we call disordered in psychology) because of the level of disorganization (chaos) in our lives. Speak up, protect yourself, seek help, and take time to heal today!!!


[BORN] Patrick Swayze / Born: Patrick Wayne Swayze, August 18, 1952 in Houston, Texas, USA / Died: September 14, 2009 (age 57) in Los Angeles, California, USA #actor


18 Facts That Make Houston The Best City In America

The combination of the University of Houston and Rice University means there are a bunch of smart people around.