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How to Take Notes From a Textbook (That You'll Actually Understand)

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Note Taking Tips for College Students

It’s the night before your exam and you’re freaking out because the notes you took are all over the place and they simply do not make sense to you, not anymore than when you first took them. Do you give up and just decide to not study? Or do you call...


academicmind: “Some of you have requested that I show you my note taking technique. This is in no way a proven technique, but it really works for me and many of my professors have applauded my... studying tips, study tips #study #college

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A Guide to Note Taking For Students

A big part of your success in college will come down to how effectively you take notes when in class, or watching a lecture online. Effective note taking can really enhance your learning and studying efforts. College can be very overwhelming, with the sheer amount of coursework and subjects, but when you master effective note taking it will become much easier to succeed. Why is it important to take notes during classes? If you are anything like me, then note-taking during class will help…


vestiblr: “ I always get messages of people asking for handwriting reference and advice for cute notes, so I decided to make a nice post with some tips! • a post of the pens i use (here i was using...

how to: note taking - ultimate guide - infograph - not just for students - excellent !
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The Ultimate Guide To Note-Taking [Infographic]