Just in time for graduation! I hope I remember this in another month.

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Ladies, I just thought I would share a tip I learned. The left is from high school graduation (notice the fabric on my forehead), and the right is for college (notice the lack of fabric). If you tuck the front third of the fabric under your cap and secu

Awesome Graduation photo for a student who graduated from houston Baptist University. Becki Isaac Photography - Houston Senior Portraits

Awesome Graduation photo for a student. I think I'll do this when I graduate from nursing school. It'll be fun to see all the textbooks.

How to put your graduation cap on without ruining your hair. Fold back front and attach to hair with bobby pins

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College graduation photos with my best friend! Popping a bottle of champagne on…

Every time June comes around, I’m reminded of when I graduated from college six years ago (holy sh*t). Like many recent grads, I did not have a job lined up after graduation and I remember ho…