Need a first day of school icebreaker? "Find a Friend" Bingo is a great way to get students engaging with each other from the get go.

Ice breakers are fun activities to get students more acquainted with one another. They create a fun environment to help build relationships with new people. College students often have an icebreaker activity on the first day of class.

10 Good Ice Breakers For College Students

Candy Self-Expression Activity: This is a simple and fun activity great for early stages of a group when you’re focusing on rapport building and group cohesion. It is also highly adaptable to specific.

30 Good Student Class President Slogans

30 Good Student Class President Slogans

WHAT IT TAKES TO GET INTO COLLEGE. There is no clear-cut pathway to college. A recent survey of college admission officers indicate that some factors do matter more than others, according to the infographic “College Admissions: What Really Matters?

The world is full of places to go and opportunities to capitalize on. If you really wanted to, you would be able come up with some new activity each weekend to keep yourself entertained. This all sounds great, but a lot of the activities in this world require money. Equal to the number of activities […]

77 Activities to Do without Spending a Dollar

College Bingo Activity. You will receive 30 BINGO cards for your class. Included are the definitions to the words. Use this game as a call out BINGO, or call out the definitions(included) and the students will reflect on the words.    Review the key "college" words with the students before the game.

College Bingo. College Awareness for your students