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There wasn't always an 8 hour workday. That was fought for by unions for American workers. Support union by buying union, visit

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Corbyn pledges to scrap Blair union laws in favour of collective bargaining | Politics | The Guardian

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Activists protesting the curbing of collective bargaining rights in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison on March 10, 2011.

The Stagehands Union Local No. 8 put up an inflatable rat in front of the Suzanne Roberts Theatre on Broad Street to protest their lack of collective bargaining rights. (Emma Lee/for NewsWorks)

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The World Bank and the IMF won't admit their policies are the problem | The IMF’s remedy for Greece and Portugal during the eurozone crisis has been straight out of the structural adjustment playbook: reduce public spending, cut salaries and benefits, insist that state-owned enterprises return to the private sector, reduce minimum wages and restrict collective bargaining. Between them, the IMF and the European authorities are turning Greece into a developing country. |

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The Changes to Expect in the NBA?s Upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement

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"If big business is able to engage in collective bargaining, it is only fair that workers should also be enabled by law to collectively advance their interests."

Column: Gilbert Arenas’ legacy shouldn’t be defined by his problems = Monday, Oct. 31. Normally this day is reserved for Halloween, but in 2016, it represented another unique occasion. Gilbert Arenas’ final amnesty payment was made after he was the first man amnestied following the last collective bargaining agreement, which was.....