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DIY "Warming Salve" For Cold Fingers & Toes

Make your own all-natural warming salve for cold, wintry weather ahead! Your fingers and toes will love you! :-)

"They think I'm insane..." She said, whispering it in my ear as if I was her confidant, a friend that would keep her secrets. "I'm not." She added after a while, looking a little thoughtful as to my face expression and I nodded slightly, listening to the silence that surrounded us and moved to rise from the ground. Her cold fingers wrapping around my wrist stopped me and her nails cut into my skin. "Not yet." She hissed and a few seconds later, she dragged me up and we hurried down the wall.

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Thrifty Pirate Party | Cold Tea & Smelly Nappies Dead Man Fingers, too cute!!!

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Finger Print Monsters

Finger print monsters. Easy art activity for kids, using painted thumb or finger prints as a base for monster doodles

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Forough Farrokhzad’s iconic, widely quoted poem (Rebirth, 1962) . . The Bird May Die I feel sad, I feel blue. I go outside and rub my cold fingers- on the sleek shell of the silent night. I see that all lights of contact are dark, All routes to relate us- are blocked. Nobody will introduce me to the sun, Nobody will take me- to the gathering of doves. Keep the flight in mind! The bird may die. . . (my translation, September 2006, Montreal) . by: Persian Poetry in English

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awesome This Warm Mouse gives cold fingers something to cling to

ACU-LIFE Finger Injury System by Health Enterprises Inc. $5.25. Designed to help relieve finger pain reduce swelling caused by sprains, jams, strains arthritis. Only product designed to treat the 2 Stages of finger injuries: Cold Therapy - can be put in freezer to reduce swelling soreness and Warm Therapy - can be placed in warm water to provide targeted relief for arthritic fingers.. Save 74%!

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