Library cards help - I think i found this A LOT funnier than i should have LOL

Judging by the state of our nation. I would be willing to wager that this is what most library cards are used for.

As high-purity/high-dose ecstasy pills return to the market and casualties rise, Oli Stevens discusses the roles testing can play. It can act as a harm reduction initiative, can it shape the composition of drug markets themselves?

Recreational MDMA testing - a European perspective

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This is a picture of different types of drugs. Doing Durgs in my family or any kinds was a very big no no. I once tried to talk to my parents about another family members drug habit and I got yelled at.

This is the way to stack up coke products!

This is the way to stack up coke products!

I have eyes like these but I'm not even on drugs...!

Awesome Infographic: These Are Your Eyes on Drugs

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Molly Drug Facts - MDMA Ecstasy Information | Molly, a form of Ecstasy, has been all over the mainstream lately. But how did it get there, and what does it mean? #refinery29

Molly Drug Facts - MDMA Ecstasy Information

Molly is still the most popular girl in investigation into the current zeitgeist This article is such BS in saying ecstasy can improve depression. It depletes the brain of DA during the come down