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Lulus Get the Glow: DIY Coconut Coffee Scrub Cubes

DIY Coconut Coffee Scrub Cubes... both coconut oil and coffee do wonders for the skin... I can vow for that myself. Coconut oil at night and coffee grounds in the morning, rinsed off with cold water to help w/ circulation. Seriously makes a difference.


EASY DIY CELLULITE ALL NATURAL BROWN SUGAR & HONEY COFFEE SCRUB This is a GR8 way to beat cellulite as well as soften &smooth your skin. It works on men too!! ■ Brown Sugar & Honey Coffee Scrub ■ Mix 1 cup brewed coffee grounds (Let dry for a few hrs) 3/4 cup brown sugar 2 Tablespoon raw honey Blend with enough carrier oil ie Sweet Almond, Olive, Coconut oil etc to make a paste approx 1/4 cup. Keep in an airtight container & use 1x per wk for smoother more radiant softer skin.


Fade stretch marks, exfoliate and reduce the appearance of cellulite with this super awesome coffee scrub! Caffeine helps to improve blood circulation and also firms and tightens the skin.


How to get rid of cellulite - a DIY cellulite busting scrub ..1/2 café grinds, 1/4 sugar/ 1/4 olive oil. rub into affected area daily for 5 minutes and rinse