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coffee fudge garnished with chocolate-covered espresso beans. Coffee on coffee. Amazing.

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This Cappuccino Fudge is Made with Real Coffee

Cappuccino White Chocolate Fudge * I used the Nescafé French Vanilla, really good! Doesn't have a strong coffee taste

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Caramel Rolo Fudge! ❤️ Simple, Easy, and Utterly Delicious 4 Ingredient Caramel Rolo Fudge! No Sugar Thermometers, No Boiling, Just Quick & Easy!

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Coffee fudge

Coffee fudge. I have made peanut butter, chocolate, butterscotch & even turtle fudge but never Coffee fudge....must try this one! Only thing is, I usually make my fudge in the microwave. Not sure I can make it any other way.....hmm.

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Coffee Truffles

Every mum deserves chocolates, and these hand rolled coffee truffles are delicious served with after dinner coffee or as a special treat at anytime. They also make a perfect gift. More

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Create your own delicious wedding favours....Recipe ~ Scottish Tablet. Like fudge, but no butter, just (condensed) milk and sugar, really.

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Caramel Coffee Fudge

Layers of caramel fudge, coffee fudge, and chocolate drizzles makes this fudge irresistible!

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Caramac Fudge! ❤️ Based on the idea of a Classic, This Caramac Fudge is Much Easier to Make Than you Think – So Fudgey, Delicious, and Caramac-y!

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