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A Pregnant Guide to Starbucks and Caffeine Intake

The pregnancy guide to Starbucks & caffeine intake - because loving your coffee doesn't stop when you're pregnant, but you want to make the best choices!

Around 200 mg/day of caffeine is okay during pregnancy, which equals about two cups of coffee. Don't like to stop at two? Consider these substitutes after you've hit your two cup mark!

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A Starbucks Guide for Pregnancy

***Article has been updated 3/23/2015 for accuracy. Everyone loves their morning coffee or an afternoon latte, but are these things safe? If so, how much and what size? Don’t you wish you had a secret Starbucks formula to let you know which drinks contained an appropriate amount of caffeine? Well, ladies, there is. And I’m … … Continue reading →

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Is It Safe To Drink Coffee During Pregnancy?

Are you a pregnant and unable to give up your habit of drinking coffee? Then here is an article on coffee during pregnancy which lets you know how effective it is.

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How to Be Happy During Without Coffee During Pregnancy - Coffee Alternatives - The Shopping Gene Blog

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Drinking Coffee During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Waking up at the crack of dawn has never been easy for me. With kids getting breakfast and heading to school before a.m., a cup of coffee is essential for me. Not all coffees and teas are created equal...

How to Get Your Caffeine Fix During Pregnancy

Good news: You don't have to give up your beloved cup of coffee during pregnancy, but you should careful about other sources of caffeine.

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Is It Safe To Drink Coffee During Pregnancy?

Coffee contains two major compounds that are toxic to growing foetuses. 1. Caffeine: can cause cardiovascular toxicity as well as being carcinogenic in high amounts. 2. Polyphenols which interfere with the body’s capacity to absorb iron from food leading to anaemia. --- In pregnancy, these two can compound problems leading to- A.Miscarriage – High amount of coffee intake can cause miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy. B.Growth Retardation – High coffee intake can...