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Coe Bidding Results

Lot:Painting, Portrait of Jonas Coe Heartt, Lot Number:2211, Starting Bid:$750, Auctioneer:Clars Auction Gallery, Auction:Painting, Portrait of Jonas Coe Heartt, Date:07:30 AM PT - Feb 21st, 2016

After the death of a close friend Candy Chang installed these black board walls in cities and people wrote down what they wanted to do before they die. Candy Chang. (2011). Before I Die. Available: Last accessed 12th November 2013.


1948 FORD F5 COE cabover crewcab Coleman 4x4 Conversion Coast Gaurd Boom Truck - Classic Ford Other 1948 for sale

This 1966 GMC Tilt Cab hauler looks to be ready for duty with its vintage green paint and Hodges bed. The slant back looks long enough to haul even the longest oversized classic family sedan. Current bids are a fraction of what has been spent on it. Find it here on eBay in Franklin, Tennessee without reserve.


6 things to take note of before you scrap your car |

“You’ve only got to watch 7s at its best to see that it is ostensibly a young person’s game,” Lord Coe about 7s Rugby and it's massive potential. Coe made a fantastic promotion for our sport. We've got the story here for you: