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Codebreaker movie

Could you have been a codebreaker at Bletchley Park?


The Champions, featured Craig Stirling, Sharron Macready + Richard Barrett as agents for a UN law enforcement organization "Nemesis", based in Geneva. From different backgrounds: Barrett is a code breaker, Stirling a pilot, & Macready a recently widowed scientist + doctor. During their 1st mission as a team, their plane crashes in the Himalayas. Rescued by an advanced civilization living secretly in the mountains of Tibet who grants them perfected human abilities.


Joan Clarke, the cryptanalyst war-heroine, and the women of Bletchley Park (you never heard of)

Joan Clarke Murray codebreaker at Bletchley Park during World War II, became deputy head of Hut 8 in 1944. Code breaking was almost exclusively done by men during the war. Clarke was paid less than the men and felt that she was prevented from progressing further because of her gender. She was a English cryptanalyst and numismatist ~


Benedict as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. To mark the royal pardon of Alan Turing today in the UK, the first official still has been released of Benedict Cumberbatch in character as the computer pioneer and codebreaker in The Imitation Game, due for release next year.


MI5 feared Agatha Christie gave away Bletchley codebreaker secret in her thriller novel

Agatha Christie used poison to kill her characters more often than any other crime fiction writer. Kathryn Harkup details Christie’s fictional chem lab of death in her new book, A Is for Arsenic.


Alan Turing Bombe machine (top) and the Christopher machine in the movie (bottom). See more pics at:


Film about WW2 codebreaker Alan Turing is attacked by biographer for exaggerating love affair with woman because he was gay and says Keira Knightley is 'too glamorous'

Alan Turing led the team at Bletchley Park that cracked the World War II Nazi Enigma code, allowing the Allies to anticipate every move the Germans made


Secret Days: Codebreaking in Bletchley Park: A Memoir of Hut Six and the Enigma Machine by Asa Briggs,