Great Coke ad!

Hong Kong Student Behind Jobs Tribute Logo Designs Coke Ad

Coca-Cola and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Shanghai won the Outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2012 for “Coke Hands” outdoor campaign. Amazingly simple but powerful imagery from the hands of Jonathan Mak Long.

10 Shocking Uses for Coca-Cola | Blog | HGTV Canada...if it does all this stuff, what is it doing to your stomach??? ugh!

10 Shocking Uses for Coca-Cola

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Nice Pepsi Halloween clever ad from Belgium. This ad would be even better if it was in context on a dark street somewhere. Instead due to the colors it looks like Superman landed in the Alps.

Pepsi Won Halloween with this Clever Ad

Pepsi once did a funny Halloween ad. In the picture, a Pepsi can dresses up as a Coke can to scare people. The headline was, “We wish you a scary Halloween!” That’s not a bad idea, but Coke got the last word. In a classic.

graphic design inspiration, in search for the color red

Graphic design inspiration, in search for the color red

COCA-COLA® Ken® Doll | Barbie Collector

Looking for the Coca-Cola Ken Doll? Immerse yourself in Barbie history by visiting the official Barbie Signature Gallery today!