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I am stunned when I wake, and make a shelter out of leaves and evergreens. I travel to find kindling, and end up finding snakes slithering around, so I kill them, as it would be good to make sure they don't hurt me. I have made my bow, and am on my way to surviving, ( hopefully! )

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From top to bottom: blood python, red diamond rattlesnake, mang mountain pit viper & king cobra.

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Cobras are some of the most dangerous and venomous snakes found mostly in Africa and Asia. They can range in length from 8 feet to just over 18 feet. According to National Geographic, one bite from a king cobra has enough toxin to kill 20 people or even an elephant. Most cobras, however, are shy and try to stay away from humans.

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Snake. OK.... now this is not only frightening but it's UGLY! Hate them!

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Snake in the city? Deadly Egyptian Cobra still on the loose after escaping from Bronx Zoo

It is considered to be the largest Cobra species found in Africa and along with being Large, it’s also one of the most venomous Cobra snakes species all over the world. Description from I searched for this on

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The king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is the world's longest venomous snake, with a length up to 5.6 m (18.5 ft). by Bo Jonsson

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Taxidermy cobra snake / unmounted real running spitting cobta naja sputatrik snake stuffed taxidermy

taxidermy cobra snake / unmounted real running spitting cobta naja sputatrik snake stuffed taxidermy. $60.00, via Etsy.

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