Just a basic run through on a tried and true standard.  The small scale hobbyist smith coal forge, with upgrades soon to come.  I spent many happy hours in my youth turning out dozens of leaf blade throwers hammered out of hydraulic lifters with a forge just like this and a scrap of I beam as an anvil.  I eventually expanded my horizons and started making more useful tools and articles in steel, began experimenting with forge welding and then broke my hand.  Six weeks late...

Basic Brake Drum Forge for Under $40

Forge parts list. Add a longer vertical pipe connected to flange. Connect bottom flange to base to make Forge tall.

Hand Crank Champion Coal Forge

Vtg Antique Hand Crank Champion Blacksmith Coal Forge Blower Stand Hit Miss Er

Brake drum blacksmith forge

Brake Drum Blacksmith Forge

My son caught the blacksmithing bug while he was at summer camp so we investigated building our own blacksmith forge and found that brake drum forges are a very.

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Blacksmithing Tools That Are Essential For The Basics

courageous-and-strong:  http://www.sandersoniron.com. I'd like to modify this a tad and have it in the house, as part of the staircase, so that the entire staircase transfers heat to the upper floor.

Coal Fire Coal Forge Gas Forge This gas forge, or furnace, heats a big area at a uniform temperature. This allows me to heat several bars at once, so that some are heating while I forge, letting me work continually […]