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Overzicht van 20 denkfouten die er voor zorgen dat je geen rationele beslissing neemt

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PATIO PREPARATION Cut 90x90 posts 580 long with top 45deg top spacing 1266 apart. Cut 75x45 battens 530 long with 45 degree top. Drill correctly spaced 27mm holes and stain. Feed 25mm pipe through with 13 battens between each main post and place in position fastening with coach screws. Plant patio side with light green pittosporum hedging and espalier lemons on other side for consumption. Is the easiest fence or safety rail anyone can make.

Team GB's victorious hockey stars: 'Our mantra was simple: Create history and inspire the future'

Bath Rugby Academy S&C coach Mark Atkinson talks about bio-banding: a process which seeks to align the differences in physical maturity between young athletes.

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20 Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Decisions

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I'll work out with Dean, and Roman (Mostly Roman) anytime, but NOT Justin Beiber (Rollins)

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A shaving horse with recycled 2x4s? Perfect way to launch into a woodworking method with minimal investment.

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