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Alton Brown Builds One Cold Contraption To Whip Up A Gallon Of Carbonated Ice Cream In 10 Seconds

How To Use CO2 Fire Extinguishers Infographic

CO2 Fire Extinguisher from Steve Spangler Science | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

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氧气面罩和二氧化碳灭火器:O2 and CO2 Fire Extinguisher

2kg CO2 Frost Free Premium Range Fire Extinguisher | Jactone


Co2 in fire extinguishers or even Carbon dioxide is actually a naturally occurring gas contained in the atmosphere which is required for existence on the planet whether it is relating to photosynthesis or even for cellular respiration. Carbon dioxide also offers the capability to extinguish fire and also used as a powerful extinguishing agent both in mobile and stationary installed fire... FULL ARTICLE @

The health and safety of employees is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly and when you sit down and start risk assessing all the areas that you have to look into and take care of it can become quite over whelming. Discount Fire Extinguishers supply systems and component parts of every aspect of a fire safety system right down to one of the smallest which is the panic bolts that... FULL ARTICLE @

An Indonesian soldier tries to extinguish a forest fire on a peat land at Ogan Komering Ilir in South Sumatra, Indonesia. #saveborneo

10 Points To Consider When Preparing For Safety Equipment Survey On Ships