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CO2 Aquarium Plant Tank Stainless Steel Pollen Diffuser


Dubbed "Malthus," this Ikea-hacked project by Conceptual Devices pieces together a 100g fish tank, plastic grow beds, a pump and piping onto an IKEA Broder shelf, with wheels. Malthus is designed to be an in-home unit, and to grow one meal a day, a portion of fish with a side of salad. If you don't know yet, aquaponics is basically hydroponics + fish in a sustainable loop. The fish provides nutrients and CO2 to the plants, and the plants in turn purifies the water and returns O2 to the…


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This is an easy and convenient kit that will provide the necessary amount of CO₂ for plant aquariums! CO₂ (carbon dioxide) is the most important nutrient source to water plants. Plants will not gr...