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How many of these co-parenting challenges have you completed or would you complete?

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Who cares if another woman or man loves your child, plays with your child, or builds a healthy relationship with your child – either way your child is benefiting. Did you read that? YOUR CHILD IS BENEFITING. That’s whats important – nothing else.

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5 reasons why I chose parallel parenting over co-parenting

5 reasons why I chose Parallel Parenting over Co-Parenting... This is an amazing article for split families having issues with co parenting... Try parallel parenting

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10 Tips for Co-Parenting - Divorce is always an tricky transition time for kids, but these tips can help make the process more comfortable for them.

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Why You Need to Journal If You Are Co-Parenting

Why You Need to Journal If You Are Co-Parenting — Karen Becker Your parenting after divorce headquarters.

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Are you responding or reacting to your ex? Check out this and other co-parenting tips at

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These 7 Steps to Healthy Co-Parenting With Your Ex Will Revolutionize Your Blended Family

Such great insight from a blended family that successfully and peacefully co-parents their daughter. 7 steps to co-parenting with your ex.

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