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Club Penguin Funny, (caught in a landslide escape from reality,) Queen. <<it's NO escape from reality, geez

21 Times Club Penguin came too close to Tumblr.

The Club Penguin game is intended for children aged They should maybe rethink that.

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16 Times Club Penguin Perfectly Summed Up Being A College Student

Community Post: 16 Times Club Penguin Perfectly Summed Up Being A College…

i love those people on club penguin who probably aren't ten-year-olds and who pull stuff like this.

Gotta love club penguin😂 Can’t believe this has almost 700 notes😂😂

Lol I remember when I was a kid I used to get in club penguin ALL the time! It was so fun.

18 Wonderfully Weird Things That Happened On The London Underground In 2013

“Hartlepool fans dressed as penguins dominating the London Underground today as they head to down to Crawley.

Club Penguin At Its Best

Club Penguin At Its Best

Post with 5792 votes and 188193 views. Club Penguin seems to be a fun place