Clown Horror Mask made of latex

Detailed coloring and fine ornamental work make this fantastic clown mask look scarily real.

Horror Zombie Clown Mask

Horror Clown Mask - Clowns are always creepy but it's even worse when they are dead. Create the evil clown character of your choice and complete your costume with this la

CLOWNS - EYE SCREAM CLOWN LATEX MASK - Tops Magic » Costumes and Magic for all Ages and Occasions

A combination of ice cream and clown sounds perfect until you see this monster! Eye Scream Clown Adult Mask includes a full over the head latex mask with white.

Never-seen Dark Knight concept art reveals the terrifying origins of the Joker's Clown Gang, by Concept Artist Rob Bliss - So creepy I LOVE it

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The Dark Knight was a visual feast firmly grounded in reality." Professional concept artist Rob Bliss, who also worked on Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Watchmen and Jack.