Closest mexican restaurant

Chunks of chicken simmered in a Mexican seasoned tomato sauce, pan fried in flour tortillas with white American cheese. My fiance says it is the closest to the flavor of our local Mexican restaurant. These are awesome and quick!

If you’re like me and you crave Restaurant- style Mexican rice, the kind you get at a Mexican restaurant than you’re going to love this recipe. There are several Mexican rice recipes out there but this one has the best texture and is closest to Restaurant- style Mexican rice as you will get!

Mexican White Cheese Dip/Sauce. Best dip I have ever made. Exactly like the white cheese at Mexican restaurants. So good!

Carlos & Pepe's Ft Lauderdale, closest mexican food to home when we lived there!

Salsa Fiesta- looks really good w/ lots of veg options, closest to hotel is 1050 NW 14th Terrace, Miami, FL 33136, United States

Pollo fundido- this recipe is the closest I've seen to my favorite Mexican restaurant. Just add some chorizo sausage for some heat

Chiles Rellenos - When I waitressed at a Mexican restaurant, they would make these from scratch and they were AMAZING. This is the closest recipe I have seen, but they kept the peppers in the fridge overnight.

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