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Best Teen Movies for Girls Night In

Planning a quiet night in for you and your closest friends? Maybe a sleepover? Check out our picks for the best teen movies for a girl's night in!

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It's so difficult for me to let people in. I can't even trust my closest friends and family even my boyfriend

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Duke. of Suffolk (Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk). Henry's closest friend, he married Mary, the King's sister. The King banished him from court for a period after this, as Brandon did not seek his permission to marry Mary. However, he was eventually reinstated at court and was married to Mary, producing 4 children, until her death from Tuberculosis.

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"Ulvelle Mira was a dunmer witch. Who practiced in conjuration. She was my closest friend when I turned back to normal. She was the one that saved me."-Haggie

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I love how mouthy Merlin is to Arthur. Or, to everyone in general. :) Even though Arthur is the prince and could have merlin punished for his witty quips, Arthur just takes it because he knows that merlin is really his closest friend.

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13 Valentine charms

13 Valentine charms 13 pretty charms for you to add to Valentine cards for your closest friends. Vintage Jewelry Necklaces

They are people I look up to. Each and every one of these guys and girls are a huge part of my life. They inspire me to go out of my comfort zone and it doesn't matter what your life story is you can be whatever you want to be. ♥

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I like in this picture colours and couple shadow. The composition is not the best, but I could improve it and e.g. crop the picture. However, I think that there is too much red/orange colour. Anyway I like here composition of shadows and light. I think I could shoot something similar like this using my camera and 50mm lens.

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Our Presence: The Gift That Really Matters to our Children

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So this motherfucker. WorldDestroyer. Just made one of our closest friends attempt suicide. Who else is with me, when I say we all send him some messages, and fuck his day?

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