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Thanks For The Planets - Arnout Meijer Studio, curated by Christophe on Buamai. reminds me of a port hole window but out of tron, could be really cool in clubs/lounge settings


Wall Clock - Wooden Clock Custom hand made solid wooden clocks.A different selection of wood.Oak ,Ash Simple style, universal popular, a nice gift for families, friends.

bike wheel clock Picture - More Detailed Picture about 1 piece loft style creative industry hub clock bar decorated bike wheel clocks old metal wrought iron bicycle wheel clocks Picture in Desk & Table Clocks from Sherry Liang's decoration company

London-based pedromealha makes vibrant, contemporary cuckoo clocks — complete with smarter-than-average birds that refrain from chirping when the lights are off.

The mechanism is battery operated (batteries are included) and is equipped with a light sensor so when the sun goes down or the lights are off the bird does .

30 incredible and tragically beautiful images of the world's most haunting shipwrecks

I love clocks! I have them all over my house, with one very large clock in the entryway. Large Clock is a must @ Beach House

minimalistic clock takes inspiration from this concept and reinforces hour and minute hand time-telling with a shade changing face. As it grows darker outside, so does the saturation of the clock face.