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Geoengineered Winter Weather Whiplash With Patented Climate Engineering Processes

Climate Engineering Cataclysm: A Live Presentation By Dane Wigington ( G...

Awareness of the climate engineering subject is growing rapidly and the issue is justifiably frightening to the newly awakened. Many still avoid looking down into the global geo-engineering rabbit hole, not quite ready to admit it is actually going on. What matters is that increasingly, people are sincerely investigating and speaking out, exposing the climate engineering crimes occurring in the skies around our globe. By Guest Contributor Dane Wigington

The distribution of haemoglobin C and its prevalence in newborns in Africa : Scientific Reports : Nature Publishing Group

Climate engineering ideas no longer considered pie in the sky


Do not call it geoengineering, which is meant to cure environmental issues. These are chemtrails, meant to make us ill and cause the planet to hear up even more.