Climate change documentary

Making its international premiere this week at the Toronto Film Festival, the documentary Before the Flood is global travelogue of a world in...

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When your product is destroying the environment, don't improve the product, manipulate the media. Ward said: "ExxonMobil has been briefing journalists for three years that they were going to stop funding these groups. The reality is that they are still doing it. If the world's largest oil company wants to fund climate change denial then it should be upfront about it, and not tell people it has stopped." In 2006, Ward, then at the Royal Society, wrote to ExxonMobil to challenge the…

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It's climate scientists, not concern trolls who champion the scientific method ... Warren Pearce has mistaken concern trolling for caring about the scientific method

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Al Gore’s new climate change movie arrives just in time | | "The Sundance Film Festival will open in January with a new climate change movie from Al Gore — and the timing, unfortunately, could not be better." Click to read and share the full article.

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