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Applications of click chemistry in drug discovery by


Post summarising types of chemical formulae in organic chemistry. Click 'visit site' to read more & download.


Click chemistry has many uses. What kind of alkyne is used for this click chemistry and what does click chemistry do? What are the benefits of click chemistry?

The chemical compounds behind the colours of fireworks. Click 'visit site' to read more & download.

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Why asparagus makes your urine smell and onions make your cry

The chemistry behind the sour taste of lemons and their antiscorbutic properties. Click the 'visit site' button to read more & download.


Click Chemistry Tools offer a wide range of picolyl azide activated florescent probes with with superior kinetics in copper-catalyzed click reactions. Expand the boundary of your discovery research with our click chemistry toolbox.

Click Chemistry. This is a pictorial representation of the main idea of click chemistry used at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland, to bond gold nanoparticles to a carbon substrate. Nitrogen "snap fasteners" in the carbon substrate (emerging palms) bind chemically with the carbon "snap fasteners" on modified gold nanoparticles (here shown as a balloons).

Find out wide selection of Cy3 Tetrazine with us. Terazine-activated Cy3 dye reacts with TCO-containing compounds via a Inverse-Electron-Demand Diels-Alder reaction to form a stable covalent bond! Expand the boundary of your discovery research with our click chemistry toolbox.

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Types of Chemical Bonds by wirdou

Different bonds in chemistry


Clicking together short segments of DNA could aid biotechnology research (LaboratoryNews)