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Clever Instagram Names

The 27 Most Brilliant Things That Have Ever Happened

Say It, Make It, Write It Mats - How to Use Them Six Different Ways

Say It, Make It, Write It Free Printable Mats - How to Use Them Six Different Ways. Find out how to use this one free printable resource in your classroom 6 ways! Perfect for literacy centers, literacy work stations, sight word practice or even your maths centers | you clever monkey

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ABC Dog Poster , Dog breeds alphabet

ABC Dog Poster 13X19 Dog breeds alphabet by PaperPlants on Etsy

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Bacteria always gets a bad name. Especially in the winter months- but some bacteria is actually needed to keep our digestive systems happy and ticking along nicely. Such as the bacteria found in probiotics. They do this by fighting all the bad bacteria for food and space in our digestive systems potentially reducing the amount in our guts. Go probiotic fighters! They can also help stimulate our immune systems and a whole range of other benefits. What clever little beings they are.

Top 10 Unique Wedding Styling Ideas

Wedding escort card display, find your name then replace it with a poloroid of yourself | Top 10 Unique Wedding Styling Ideas

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I enjoyed how the name was incorporated into the logo literally, because you can distinguish the tea and the tiny house. (logo design)

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Addict Aide uses Instagram to raise awareness of alcohol addiction

In a new campaign to raise awareness of alcohol addiction among young people, French organisation Addict Aide set up a fictional Instagram account for a 25 year-old woman named Louise Delage. Young, glamorous and party-loving Delage quickly racked up 12K followers and 50K likes on the platform before a reveal film (above) showed that there …

A 10-year-old hacked Instagram

Instagram hacked by 10-year-old, who wins $10,000 prize for finding way to delete comments The Finnish hacker, who goes by the name Jani, isn’t old enough to actually use Instagram – but was clever enough to find a way to delete comments by anyone using the service