white clematis trained around a window by Rolf Blijleven via www.pithandvigor.com

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Clematis 101 Easy Care Guide | Clematis is one of the most-loved garden vines yet it's not always easy to know when to prune your vines or leave them alone. This will help you determine which type of clematis vine you have and when it's best to trim it back, and when you should leave it alone.

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Clematis 'Dancing Smile' - Climbing Seeds & Plants - Thompson & Morgan Double flowering clematis

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Purple and pink clematis grows on wooden picket fence surrounding vegetable garden through gate

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Clematis 'Love Jewelry': beautiful mauve flowers with dark pink bars from late spring to early autumn. Well suited to training up a trellis, or can be grown in pots. Find out more: http://www.gardenersworld.com/plants/clematis-love-jewelry/4065.html

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