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Clematis texensis 'Princesse Kate': conteneur 3 Litres

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~Crimson Clematis 'Gravetye Beauty' • Clematis texensis 'Gravetye Beauty' • Scarlet Clematis 'Gravetye Beauty' • Plants & Flowers •

Princess Diana Clematis (Clematis texensis 'Princess Diana') - Monrovia - Princess Diana Clematis (Clematis texensis 'Princess Diana')

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Common names: Scarlet clematis, Scarlet leatherflower, Texas clematis (latin: clematis texensis) 9ft vine, full sun, blooms till first frost, very drought tolerant, native to Tx Edwards Plateau.

Full size picture of Scarlet Clematis, Texas Clematis, Leatherflower, Texas Leatherflower, Pipe-vine 'Duchess of Albany' (Clematis texensis)

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