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Up Close And Personal by Michael Cleary   A female King Parrot I captured flying through the trees on my property. These are quite friendly birds and have integrated well with human development in bushland settings. Michael Cleary: Photos500px

The 2016 Cleary Bikes Gecko 12in Single Speed Kids' Coaster Bike will guide driveway jaunts and build skills as your little ripper learns how to navigate on two wheels to seek out neighborhood adventure. At just the right size for transitioning from a balance-style bike to a pedal powered one, the Gecko boasts fun colorways and durability to fuel your young cyclist's passion for all things two wheels. Cleary Bikes builds the Gecko to fit riders with 14 to 19in inseams and provides two…


Geraldine Cleary's home achieves the perfect balance between the inside and outside realms, the private and public territories. Continue reading →