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Clean your blinds in 1 minute or less with this 2-step hack


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Hate trying to figure out how to clean both sides of your blinds without getting tangled up between the slats? This trick is for you.


CLEAN BLINDS: Fill the tub with some clorox and hot water then put the blinds in and pull them out a couple of times. The bleach helps to whiten the cords and gets rid of all of the dirt and grime. Hang them back up on the window to drip dry (with a white towel below them to catch drips). Once dry run over them with a dryer sheet to repel dust.

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Clean Mini Blinds With Vinegar In a bowl mix together equal parts of water and vinegar. Slip an old sock on your hand. Dip the sock in the vinegar/water mixture and run it over the blinds. Can use a second old sock to wipe away the dampness after each slat in the blind has been cleaned .

Clean your blinds with a dryer sheet! Dust easily clings to the antistatic sheet!I've been using Pledge wipes on my wood blinds, but I just tried the dryer sheet & think this may be a little quicker, CHEAPER, + smells great! With 30 wood blinds to keep clean, I'm up for ANYTHING to make this task easier! Yea!!


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Your window blinds should be dusted or vacuumed weekly.  You can even use a clean and dry paint brush to brush the dust off.  After a while, your blinds might start to build up dirt.  Here are the steps for cleaning dirty blinds. V...