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How to Clean Grease From Kitchen Cabinet Doors


How to Clean Grease From Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Grease stains have a tendency to go unnoticed, allowing them to build up to seemingly impossible proportions. This grime can damage the wood of your cabinets if allowed to remain for a long period of time. However, as unpleasant as these stains may seem, they are easily remedied. Try the most gentle method first and if necessary, move to more...


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Place a layer of wax paper on top of upper kitchen cabinets where dust and grease particles gather. Every few months, switch out the paper for a fresh sheet. Includes other wax paper uses.


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Here are 26 awesome tips that will make you a cleaning rock star.  These clever tips will save you hours and hours of heartbreak cleaning your home.  I was shocked at how many things I could make sparkly new again. For really tough carpet stains use...