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The Safe Way to Clean Dirty DVDs, Blu-rays and Video Games


The Best and Easiest Way to Fix Scratched CDs and DVDs


10 Beyond Clever Craft Room Organization Ideas

These 10 Clever Craft Room Organization Hacks are THE BEST! I'm so happy I found these AWESOME ideas! Now my craft room will look so good I'm definitely pinning for later!


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I’m starting to think that CDs will soon be obsolete, but I still have hundreds of them in their original case. I need to upload those babies onto my computer! Who knew you could repair minor scratches with toothpaste? First, wash the CD with mild soap and water, then rub the toothpaste on in a circular motion, let sit for a few minutes, and then rinse it off with cold water. Sounds weird, but it works!

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The Best and Easiest Way to Fix Scratched CDs and DVDs


Blu-ray shelves...but I'd make it a LIBRARY!! and right beside a theater room...I wish this is at my house


How To Remove Scratches From CDs & DVDs

Wow this actually works! I had a CD from when I was in college that got scratched and would get stuck on the third track. I watched this video and thought it was worth a go. I can now listen to this CD for the first time in 15+ years... Loads of the kids...