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How to Clean a Suede Couch

Apply soap or suede cleaner and follow the instructions on the bottle. There are all kinds of different preparations and each has different directions. Vinegar is also a common household chemical you can use to clean suede. Dab a bit of vinegar on the suede couch and brush the suede clean. Wipe the vinegar and the stain off with a clean towel.


House Of Fuentes: How To Clean Your Micro Suede Couch (Free From Spots). Half bucket of warm water. Add 3 TBSP Dawn and 2 cups white vinegar. Swish around and scrub away with a sponge.


Cleaning that microsuede couch... This really does work my sister in law has 5 kids an wit that you can't keep everything perfect! I'm not kidding you her couch looked BRAND NEW when she was finished!