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Set of 4 Wall Sculpture Tiles of Your Choice

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Mudworks Pottery: New Wall Plaques - flowers, flowers, flowers-- great idea using carving and applique techiniques to created 3D nature inspired tiles

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Incredible ceramic pieces...both vessel and wall art. This is a mural detail from a ceramic wall piece by artist Chris Gryder.

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Unusual flora and fauna composed in casting tile using plaster

Working as part Tactile Studio in London, UK, Dein’s recent artistic venture involves plaster casting, the simple yet time consuming process of pressing objects into clay, and then filling the imprints with plaster and concrete. Her latest plaster cast tiles feature a variety of plant life including lilac, dicentra, hellebore and welsh poppies.

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relief is used to create a great variety of depth. There is also a significant amount of detail!

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ceramic tile mosaic in an old drawer- would be so much fun to collect the tiles for this while junking

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Tiles imprinted with pasta. Pasta could be used for any clay texture project. (I'm thinking animals)

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5x5 ceramic tile, relief carving. This is complex but the idea of mixing op art and clay tiles is interesting.....

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