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Octopus, Black Pepper Sauce, Pickled Cucumber by Claude Bosi

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Hibiscus, London

Food Snob's article on Claude Bosi and Hibiscus. I cannot wait to eat here in March.

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Claude Bosi's Christmas recipes

Orange sherry trifle recipe from Chef Claude Bosi.

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How to cook a Christmas turkey

Turkey has a bad name because it's cooked very poorly in lots of places, but it's fantastic if it's good quality and you treat it properly

Claude Bosi's Christmas recipes

Chicken and leek pie

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Homemade chocolate aero by Claude Bosi

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Q&A: Hibiscus chef Claude Bosi on his new pub

Claude Bosi of Hibiscus at "The Cube" By Electrolux

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Christmas leftovers recipes

Christmas leftovers recipes | Claude Bosi | Life and style | The Guardian

Michelin star chef Claude Bosi to open new pub in Surrey