Quiet Critters - They only come out of their sound proof jar when the classroom is quiet!

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FREE Hall Passes!! ..... Follow for FREE "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)

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Six hall passes that include two blank cards for personalization. Each card has a hole for punching out and for stringing through ribbon.Passes i...

Help students develop a growth mindset with this classroom challenge that includes 20 engaging activities. The activities are meant to encourage resilience, hard-work, dedication, and improvement. Teachers set up the "Growth Mindset Classroom Challenge" bulletin board display that includes 20 hidden activity prompts. Once a challenge is revealed, the teacher finds the corresponding activity in the folder, passes it out to the class, and they are ready to go!

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Classroom rewards don’t have to cost a lot of money Reward coupons for the classroom focus on rewarding students with privileges that make them feel special. Forget prizes! Throw away that treasure box! Students will thrive on the positivity and choices these coupons bring to your classroom. Revolutionize your classroom management with reward coupons that actually motivate your students and teach them the power of intrinsic motivation! Your students will love the variety of choices, and you…

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