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To do on the first day of school. Change the questions to be used in high school. "What do you want to learn?" "What do you need to work on?" "How can I help you succeed" "Set three goals for yourself." etc... Keep in the classroom year-round as a reminder to students.


Kids brainstorm what a terrific teacher is, does, says, and is not. Great ice breaker for the first week, maybe as a carousel activity


Students need to feel safe, respected, and cared for by the teacher and classmates. Here are five ways to establish and maintain a positive classroom community throughout the school year.

from MPM School Supplies

Community Building Classroom "Norms" - Back-To-School Wall Display

display opportunity? I'd probably want to rewrite because white-on-colour is very hard for many students to read.


Norms: The use of student pictures serve as reminders to the class of what they defined as their classroom community. By establishing this community as early as possible, I can help students establish behaviors and attitudes in their class conducive to student health/safety, supporting each other throughout the community, and engaged learning.


First Day Activity using Post-It Notes. What are your goals for this year? How will you reach these goals? What can (the teacher) do to help you this year? This could be adapted for high school students.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Growth Mindset Posters- Upper Grades

Thought this would be great to post within the classroom as growth mindset rules to demonstrate to students that it is more important to grow for the future and understand concepts oppose to solely working to get a grade on a test and forgetting the information afterwards. This may be difficult for students to understand in younger grades but it is important for an educator to create a positive, growth mindset classroom where students are encouraged to take chances and strive for success.