Think sheet. Have the student fill this out when they have broken a classroom rule or hurt the feelings of another student, have the student reflect on their behavior and then fix the situation. I like this because it lets them think of alternatives rather than just apologizing and moving on. It also is a communication to the parents about behavior!!

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Behavior reflection for students. This could be a good resource to use when small behavioral issues arise. For larger issues, students should be referred to the School Counselor, Peer Meditaion program, or Principal/Vice-Principal, depending on the severity.

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Best classroom management tool ever! This Behavior Reflections freebie is a great way to handle student misbehavior. Having kids fill out this graphic organizer helps them understand why they engage in disruptive behaviors as well as the consequences of their choices and actions.

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My practicum teacher has something similar to this and I think its amazing!!! She lets them change their clip throughout the day based on behavior. She doesnt just make them stay on red. She gives her students a chance to improve.. I hope to be justttttt like her one day! She is my teacher hero!

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Stop your students rushing through their work and improve their work habits. Class management charts, forms, and notes at your fingertips! Great tool to use for parent-teacher conferences. paid

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What's New? Teaching Secondary Social Studies and English with Leah: Dealing with Difficult Students--What to do When Nothing Works

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