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good for new year to reinforce rules a a new way. class promise: when we care about each other and our classroom we share, take turns and help each other learn. we listen carefully, always try our best, work hard, give each other praise and have fun together. we know that every one makes mistakes and we won't laugh or make fun of them. We think about what is right and stop when someone asks us to. this is who we are when no one is watching...


I have this on my classroom wall as our class promises, instead of class rules. Sets "understanding of expectations" from day one and instantly sets the tone for the year. Powerful words for parents to read on open house night too.... LOVE THIS!


Macrinus ( ca. 165 – June 218) was Roman Emperor from 217 to 218. Macrinus' origin was Mauretanian, probably of mixed extraction with Punic or Punicized elements. As a member of the equestrian class he became the first emperor who did not hail from the senatorial class. Macrinus was overthrown and executed in 218.